About the lab

January 2017 Establishment of company affiliated research institute

Reset Company's research center directly develops, owns solar panel autonomous cleaning robot technology, and solar waste panel recycling separation automation equipment technology.

Reset Company Research Center is developing and researching products with the goal of sustainable energy production by contributing to the expansion of new and renewable energy, which is the core of carbon neutrality and energy transition policies. As a result, we were designated as an excellent company research center in recognition of our innovativeness through the development of core technologies for low-carbon green growth.

The reset company research center, which is composed of experts in each field for product quality improvement and R&D, is equipped with various test equipment and facilities to respond quickly to customer needs and to develop new technologies. We have established technological independence in all areas of product development through know-how skills over many years of experience, and expertise in equipment design, circuit/control. We are doing our best for customer satisfaction by developing the best products.

R&D Roadmap

Development of unmanned maintenance robot and waste panel recycling equipment for solar energy circular economy

Solar power linear economy era
Long-term R&D investment, original technology innovation
Ingot, Wafer
Cost competitiveness
Solar cell
Based on large-scale facility investment and mass production technology
simple assembly
System installation
based on construction experience and control technology
Solar energy cycle economy
Operational management
Improving the power generation revenue of the unmanned cleaning robot
Resource circulation
Invest in eco-friendly facilities for the construction of a recycling center

unmanned snow removal robot


unmanned cleaning robot


unmanned inspection robot


Floating solar cleaning, structure diagnosis


Waste panel recycling equipment